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Changing with the Climate

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Meetings and Activities

Regular meetings consist of a business meeting and a program, either with a speaker or an activities leader.

From October through May, meetings are usually held the third Friday of the month. (The exception is December when we meet on the second Friday.) We meet at the Left Hand Grange No. 9, in Niwot. Meetings are from 1-3 PM, unless otherwise noted. There is no January meeting.

Trying a new meeting format this year, the first half hour will be for refreshments while we meet and catch up with fellow members. Scheduled speakers or the activity of the day will begin at 1:30. These are planned for an hour. The final half hour will be for conducting our business portion of the meeting.

In the event of meeting cancellation due to snow or other last minute reasons, the members will be  notified as soon as possible by email. This the same email to which you want to have your monthly newsletter sent. So remember to keep your email address up to date with the secretary/membership person!

Our June, July, August, and September meetings, are tours of members' gardens or other places of horticultural interest, such as greenhouses, nurseries, and arboretums. These summer meetings usually start at 10 am and end about 1 pm.

Programs discuss topics such as cultivation of flowers, trees, and shrubs, attracting birds and pollinators to the garden, conservation of water, uses of herbs, and photography in the garden, etc. Occasionally, programs may be devoted to garden-related craft projects.

A spring luncheon in May and a Holiday Tea in December (both at the Niwot Grange) bring members together to celebrate gardening friendships.

2023-24 Meetings & Programs

September 22, 2023, 10 AM

Member Garden Tour: Stefanie Selden's garden

Location: Stefanie Selden's
                    (address to be provided in Sept. newsletter)
                    Lafayette, CO

Tour of a member's yard. 

Member Stefanie Selden's garden mixes art, hard landscape, and evergreens to create year around interest. The garden features xeric plantings of ornamental grasses, Plant Select plants and water-wise perennials.

Note: This meeting is on the 4th Friday of the month this time.

October 20, 2023, 1-3 PM

Program: Speakers Jeanne O'Connor  and Ashley Jansen

                                   Annual Seed Exchange & Activities

Location: Left Hand Grange #9
                   195 2nd Ave.
                   Niwot, CO

Volunteer Coordinators from Boulder Park and Recreation City Gardens

Member's Seed Exchange.  Please bring seeds you have harvested or purchased. Please put seeds in individual envelopes or suitable containers and label your seeds with the name, care, etc. We will discuss what worked this year... and what didn't.

November 17, 2023, 1-3 PM

Program: Speaker Connie Farnbach & Holiday Crafts

Location: Left Hand Grange #9
                   195 2nd Ave.
                   Niwot, CO

Hands-on craft projects

December 8, 2023, 12-2 PM (2nd Friday)

Program:  Annual Christmas lunch
                                    at the home of Marge Szoke

Location: To Be provided in Newsletter

Holiday Tea at member's home. We will enjoy delicious food from the members and sing holiday songs.

Note: If this turns out to be a snow day, it will be held 1 week later on December 15th.

January 20, 2024


{Winter Break}
February 16, 2024, 1-3 PM

Program: TBD

Location: Left Hand Grange #9
                   195 2nd Ave.
                   Niwot, CO


March 15, 2024, 1-3 PM

Program: Annual Plant Sale Planning Meeting
                                  Jana Murphy, Chairwoman

Location: Left Hand Grange #9
                   195 2nd Ave.
                   Niwot, CO


April 19, 2024, 1-3 PM

Program: ECO-cycle by Molly Briggs

Location: Left Hand Grange #9
                   195 2nd Ave.
                   Niwot, CO

Xeriscape/fireproof yards and ECO-cycle
May 11, 2024, 9 AM - 12 PM


Location: Unitarian-Universalist Church
                   5001 Pennsylvania Ave.
                   Boulder, CO 80303
Plant Sale set-up is May 10 (4-6 PM)

May 17, 2024, 1-3 PM

 Program: Annual Spring/End-of-year Luncheon

Location: Left Hand Grange #9
                   195 2nd Ave.
                   Niwot, CO

Plant Sale report

Annual Dues are due

June 21, 2024, 10 AM - 12 PM

Member Garden Tour

July 19, 2024, 10 AM - 12 PM

Member Garden Tour

August 16, 2024, 10 AM -12 PM

Member Garden Tour: Marge Szoke

Extensive Country Garden
Tours and Carpools -- For some of our tours it will be possible to meet for carpooling. If you have questions concerning a tour, a contact will be provided in our newsletter.

New members and guests are always welcome!

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