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May 7, 2022
9 AM - 12 Noon

Boulder Elks Club

3975 28th St.
Boulder, CO

(Our Annual Plant Sale is usually in May on the Saturday before Mother's Day)

Club Motto:
Changing with the Climate

Club Project:
Making a Difference

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The Boulder Garden Club was pleased to win the following awards at the annual CFGC Convention in June, 2019:

Best Garden Club Program –“Pollinator Friendly Lawn Care” by Tony Koski

Special Achievement – BGC new Brochure by Mollie Morton

Special Achievement – Book “Gardening for Children and their Grandparents” by Barbara Boardman which were donated to several groups.

Certificate of Merit – Newsletter by Debbie Marden

Certificate of Merit – Yearbook by Mollie Morton

National Garden Club Life Members

Helen (Mickey) Johnson
Pam Pearson
Joan Scobel
Ila Sheahan

CFGC Life Members

Sandy Edmondson
Pam Pearson
Rose Persichetti
Ila Sheahan
Mary Stewart

BGC Past Presidents

1923 Mrs. E.L. Mumma
1924-1925 Mrs.Fred Kohler
1926 Mrs. Charles (Marie) Burger
1927-1929 Mrs.H.M. Pollard
1930 Mrs. Colin Goodykoontz
1931 Mrs. O.M. Gilbert
1932 Mrs. Mary Cook
1933-1934 Mrs. Emma DeMuth
1934 Mrs. W.H. Powless
1935 Miss Joyce Adams
1936 Mrs. W.H. Powless
1937-1939 Mrs.Grace Claflin
1940 Mrs.L.L. Leh
1941-1942 Mrs. R.C. Ferry
1943-1945 Mrs. F.S. Mattocks
1946-1948 Mrs. J.F. Sullivan
1949-1950 Mrs.H.B. Allsebrook
1950-1952 Mrs. E.F. Crambilt
1952-1953 Mrs. C.L. Bermel
1953-1955 Mrs. W.C. Sullivan
1955-1956 Mrs. E.F. Crambilt
1956-1958 Mrs. Helen Erickson
1958-1960 Mrs. Esther Holtz
1960-1962 Mrs. Erma Bowman
1962-1964 Mrs. Hilda Dugan
1964-1966 Mrs. E.H. Macomber

1966-1968 Mrs. Jeannette George
1968-1970 Mrs. Lenore Greene
1970-1972 Mrs. Claudia Harris
1972-1972 Mrs. Philippa Light
1973-1975 Mrs. Esther Holtz
1975-1977 Mrs. Maryjane Dickson
1977-1979 Mrs. Olga Smith
1979-1981 Mrs. Mary Smith
1981-1983 Mrs. June Wood
1983-1984 Mrs. Phyllis Hansen
1984-1985 Mrs. Claudia Harris
1985-1987 Mrs. Olive Edmund
1987-1989 Mrs. Kathy Greene
1989-1990 Mrs. Mary Smith
1990-1993 Barbara Hyde-Boardman
1993-1995 Rose Persichetti
1995-1997 Mary Purdy
1997-1999 Mary Stewart
1999-2001 June Holmes
2001-2007 Sandy Edmondson
2007-2009 Suzi Plooster
2009-2014 Jill Jagemann
2014-2015 Sandy Edmondson
2015-2017 Mollie Morton
2017-2019 Connie Farnbach
2019-2021 Jana Murphy

CFGC Presidents from the BGC:

1981-1983 Jeannette George
1993-1995 Pearl Mehl
1997-1999 Pam Pearson

Lyn Verretta Heart Warmer Award

The Heart Warmer Award was created by Lyn when she was State President from 1999-2001. This program recognizes outstanding dedication and efforts of garden club members for work directly related to the functions and activities of the club.

2001 Kathy Greene
Phyllis Kerk
Betty Cordsen
Mary Purdy
Becky Jaye
Suzi Plooster
Barbara Hedberg
Mary Stewart
Linda Blomquist
2010 Sedna Wineland
Pat Weis-Taylor
Mollie Morton
Sandy Edmondson
Debbie Marden
Pam McIllwain
Jill Jagemann
Rose Persichetti
Ila Sheahan

Conservation Pledge

The Boulder garden Club traditional follows a conservation pledge philosophy:

"I promise to protect and conserve the natural resources of America. I promise to educate future generations so they become caretakers of our water, air, land and wildlife."

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